Friday, March 23, 2012

Splish Splash

With the completion of the upstairs nearing... we have been discussing our next project.
The kitchen.
Originally I was planning on putting in white subway tiles below our cupboards but have recently reconsidered.
I am really liking the bead board in these inspiration pics i found.
We are definitely going to do butcher block counters along with it too.
I think these elements would fit really well with our home's character.


Becky said...

O.M.G!!! I love that idea!!!!! I might have to steal this!!!! I also wanted to put subway tile in the kitchen too. Hmmm now I might have to reconcider.

Nikki said...

I think it would be perfect in your house. Plus...subway tiles are a bitch, that's why I haven't requested them in my current house because I know Bryan will never be on board again ;)

Shanna said...

We have the most beautiful butcher block kitchen island table at my work! I do absolutely love that idea! :)