Thursday, March 29, 2012

The walk in closet, er.... uh, I mean "nursery" in progress

Check out my new glider and ottoman I found on... you guessed it, Craigslist.
It should be renamed Gracieslist.

After we got the carpet in, we moved all the furniture that has been collecting in our living room up there.
I still need to paint the trim for the baseboards and windows and frame a few prints.
 Besides that, this room is close to done!

Steve putting things together

Me.....a hot mess on a Sunday afternoon

It was a long day

Neat retro light Steve brought home for me a couple years ago.
 It came out of his Oma's farm house from back in the day.
Glad I kept it!
This is the perfect place for it!

(Steve after practicing his nursing skills, should I tell him he probably won't be successful?!)

Hope future fetus likes his new room,
because mama doesn't have anywhere to hang her clothes now!


Krystal Regueiro said...

Looks fantastic Gracie! You have alot more done than me!! I got to get my butt moving on this crazy baby stuff!!!

Nikki said...

It looks great! Was Steve really asleep? I want a glider.

graciepie said...

I thought he was faking at the time lol. But turns out he wa s sleeping!

Katia said...

The nursery looks sooo good! I want to hire you for Cragslist searching. I just don't have the patience...