Friday, March 30, 2012

Week 26 & finally showing!

Well, here it is.... the belly.
I'm told there is a baby inside there.
Not quite convinced though, I leaning more toward Red Robin french fries and cereal.

No crazy cravings to report. 
No stretch marks, knock on wood.
 This week in " What to Expect" I read that I might be experiencing hemorrhoids.... really? 
Why did no one warn me about this?
Thankfully I have not encountered this, side effect, if you will, but it's something like 80% of woman get them from pregnancy or giving birth.
This is apparently motherhood's best kept secret that I never heard about.
All I heard was "You should have a baby, it's God's greatest gift."
Not the truth, which is more like:
"You can't eat goat cheese, your varicose veins will take over your legs like a road map, you could get hemorrhoids from the pressure of your own uterus and stretch marks are hereditary so you can't actually do anything to prevent them."

And it's all down hill from here.


Angela said...

You look great! I love your belly! And you never heard of getting hemorrhoids?! And I don't think they are that common. You'll be just fine!

Katia said...

Cute, cute, cute! Anything you experience during pregancy will be worth it/forgotten as soon as you hold that lil angel in your arms!

Ashley said...

Safeway goat cheese is pasteurized. Put it back on your list!

Lady J said...

pretty! pretty!

graciepie said...

THank u!

I didnt know that Ashley!!!! Will do!