Monday, April 30, 2012

Nona says the darndest things

This weekend I went along with my mom on her weekly visit to see my Nona.
As far back as I can remember, she has always tried to force feed me.
It has gotten progressively worse since I have gotten older and now has reached its ultimate capacity with pregnancy.

Now that I am in my third trimester, my stomach has gotten considerably smaller from being squished by all other organs.
I can’t eat nearly what I did earlier and even prior to being pregnant.
I have mini meals and then basically feel starved in between.

After arriving at Nona’s house, she offered me coffee, but I already had my decaf Starbucks.
She said, “Well, then some cookies to go with it”.
I said “No, I  already ate breakfast.”
 She tried to push a slice of bread or how about some bologna?
“No… I am fine, thanks.”
She says “ Alright……” 
Five minutes pass, she asks if I would like a glass of milk.  
“No, I am fine and if I need anything, I will get it myself!” I reply.
She turns up her nose and wanders off.

We go to the grocery store where anything I touch or look at she asks if I need.
“No, Nona, I am just looking while you shop.”
She convinces me to get a pie for dessert though.
I said “ Only if you will eat some too! “  
She agrees .

Once we get back home she starts making lunch.
During which she offers me more cookies.
I have a few.
She tries to give me coffee, After refusing twice, I appease her by  taking a glass of milk.

We sit down to eat lunch and she hounds me that I need to eat more.
I am eating like “a little bird” she says.
 I tell her, “I am full already, my stomach is small right now.”
This doesn’t phase her, “ No, you are eating for two, you should eat more!
The baby is hungry!
Here have some more!

I tell her “No, I am full, why don’t you believe me? I am 28, I know when I am full!” She is relentless and growls under her breath.
I'm all  “Nona, I really can’t eat anymore right now, when I burp, I throw up a little in my mouth”
She looks at me and without pause ,says
 “ Yeah, me too, it’s alright

As soon as I finish what is on my plate.
She says “ You want some pie?”  
“Yes, I will have some pie.”
“ Do you want some ice cream?”
“ No thank you.”
“ What’s wrong? Don’t you like ice cream?”
“ Yes, I do, but I will just have some pie.”
“ Well, why not with ice cream? Ice cream is good on pie!”
“Yes, Nona , it is ,but I will just have milk.”
She turns her nose up in disgust and gets the pie.

As soon as I am barely finished eating my slice, she says “ Have another slice”
I am still swallowing!
“ No, one piece is fine” .
” No it’s not, don’t you want some more?
You should have another slice.”  
So I make a compromise with her and ask if instead it would be alright if I took home a piece for later.
She says fine, but when I pack it up, she wants to know why I don’t take 2 pieces and how about 1 for Steve too.
I tell her Steve isn’t home, I just need one slice.
Plus, “You promised you would eat the pie too! If I take 3 pieces, it will all be gone.

 “Fine”, she says…
“But do you want some ice cream before you go?”


Becky said...

Lol. Omg she sounds like my great grandma. She is very cute!

Kiara Buechler said...

Oh my goodness, that is funny/sweet/annoying all at the same time. She is so cute though!

Anonymous said...

Sounds exhausting!

andrea said...

My Nana (Mom's Mom) did the EXACT same thing. Every time:
"Do you want a sandwich?"...."How about some Stew?"...."Some juice?"... "How 'bout Bon-bons?"..."Here, have a stick of Fruit-strip gum" (in her junk drawer @ ALL times)....

Also, she always forced money on us. "Here you go, grab yourself a burger" as she hands us $20 each....
Whenever we'd say "No, Nana...that's okay, we don't need $, but thank you...." she would then hide it in our pockets of our jackets when we weren't looking and we'd find it when we got home.

Gotta love Grandmas!! :)

Nikki said...

Hahah! Adorable! I never trust anything in my Grandmas fridge so I always turn down the offers ;)

graciepie said...

Yeah i made a sammich with peanutbutter i found at steves grandma's once and spit it out after one bite. Then looked at the jar which had expired 7 years earlier..