Thursday, April 5, 2012

The prayer factory

You might remember this vintage metal shrine that I bought a few months ago at Ruffles & Rust.

I had great things planned for it.
It just took me a while to get around to them all.

Some inspiration:

First it needed some paint.
Then some accessories.
Then the perfect picture in the frame.

A few crystals.

Lastly, some little statues to fill the shelves.

The best part?
It lights up.

I had to make a compromise with Steve in order to hang it up though,
since it is really not his style at all.
(Believe it or not, he doesn't like tacky stuff!)
Or so he thinks...
He acquired an old German light up beer sign that he thought needed to be hung up as well.
That's pretty tacky in my opinion.
But, bring on the black velvet paintings, I love it all!

Here is the finished wall in the stairway
(to Heaven)

Now I have a night light for the 4 times I get up to pee in the middle of the night too!
Fashion AND function!