Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Vanity Makeover - Eat your heart out Pinterest

Let's start at the beginning.
Flash back to 6th grade:
I had been begging my parents to buy me a vanity for my bedroom and desperately wanted to get rid of my "kid" desk.

Kid desk

I wanted something girly like this

But my parents argued there wasn't enough storage or space for things like....homework.
And since I was like 10 years old, I wasn't exactly wearing make up.
They had a valid point, but I continued looking for the perfect vanity at every garage sale my dad drug me to.

Finally I found this treasure.
A nice big desk, full of drawers and a huge mirror.
 It was the best of both words.
Plus it was old.
I have always had a thing for antiques.

It lived in my bedroom all my life and was painted white.
I sat at it every morning and did my hair and make up before high school.
Until I started college and decided it would look better painted hot pink.
Not sure what I was thinking...

Since moving into my house with only one, yes, one bathroom in it, this vanity has been a life saver. 
I have been able to always have a place to get ready for my day and avoided the fight over the sink.
Now that the upstairs is ready for furniture, we moved my vanity up there.
I had planed to paint it back to its neutral white to match the bed. 
Steve suggested we paint it something brighter.
"We need a POP of color" he said.
Well, dear husband, be careful what you wish for!

My inspiration

With a touch of this

And we ended up with this!

We used Glidden in Grecian Green High Gloss Trim paint.

And one of Ethel's old lace curtains I found in the basement and a high gloss charcoal spray paint on the sides.

It was super easy to do. 
After painting the green and letting it set for a day, we taped off the edges around the sides and then I cut out a section of lace to lay flat in the center area.
We stood the desk on it's side so I could spray directly down onto it and the lace layed flatter that way.
I did one good solid coat of spray at a 90 degree angle and let it dry completely for about 10 min.
Then pulled off the painters tape and lifted off the lace!
Easy as Pie!

I ordered this little acrylic beauty to set on top of it to hold all my makeup too!
Can't wait for it to get here.
It will look much better than my old Rubbermaid storage I had everything in.


Love, Chelsea said...

I am so jealous of all your cute decorating. I think I have about 3 years of solid baby rearing to go before I can take time to decorate :)

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Nikki said...

That looks awesome, I think the green is my favorite part, and the upcycled lace.