Friday, May 4, 2012

Growing and growing and growing

I am starting to get pretty uncomfortable. 
Only 2 more months of struggling to get out of bed and feeling completely exhausted.
After passing my glucose test, we found out that I am anemic.
So now I have to take iron pills, which hopefully will help my energy since I have zero.

We also had our first 4D ultrasound appointment and got a good look at what the future fetus is going to look like. 
He even opened his eyes and stuck out his tongue during it.

I am anxious to get on with it and start this next chapter of our lives. 
There is so much anticipation in the changes to come.
 Right now I just feel like I am treading water. 
I know this wait is necessary to prepare myself for what is yet to come, but waiting is the hardest part!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Finally some storage!

I have been searching for the clear acrylic makeup cases as seen on the Kardashian's bathroom counters for a good year now.
I have grown tired of my ratty Rubbermaid totes that I have been keeping my makeup in for the last 6 years. 

With all the time and effort we have put into our new master suite and making it matchy matchy and glamourous, I hated having these ugly mismatched totes sitting out.

I had found a variety of these acrylic cases online but most of them came with a pretty steep price tag of $200.00-$400.00.
They are acrylic!
Probably made in China for $5.00.
It is a rip off in my opinion.
But, I NEEDED one!

So I finally bit the bullet when I came across this jewelry storage case on Amazon for $80.00. 
That was still above and beyond what I am sure it is worth, but I figured if I can get another 6 years of use out of it. So maybe I could justify the price....kinda.

So here it is, all organized and pretty on my newly painted vanity.

Aint she purdy!?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

You want to eat THAT?!

Being pregnant and all, I have spent a lot of time online looking at baby stuff.... shower stuff...maternity stuff.
 It is never ending.
What I have found most disturbing though is the array of horrible baby shower cakes that people have made.

Given, some of them could have been jokes, but you KNOW most of them probably were not.
I am going to assume those all came from the Midwest.
That just seems like their kinda thing.

Yum, doesn't this cake  just make your mouth water?!

Belly cakes

I don't really get them. 
But I have never had a craving for an amputated torso either.

The tattoo and crop top add a touch of class

Zombie labor?

I am sure the mother in law in your life would appreciate this one

Who would have thought an ass cake was a great addition to the buffet line?

Last but not least, I kinda like this one... just because it's so ridiculous and pretty...
It lacks a unicorn though I think.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I'm glad you are taking this seriously, Grace

The hubs and I starting our birthing classes this week.
I thought, it was a right of passage and something all new parents signed up for.
Apparently not.
After talking to almost all the new moms and pregnant ladies I know, it looks like I am the only one signed up!
With my history of anxiety and worry though, it only makes sense that I do everything I can to avoid a nervous breakdown. Knowledge is power, right?!

So far, I haven’t learned much I didn’t know, but they did make us watch a video.
A birth video.
It wasn’t nearly as gruesome as I remembered the birth video we were forced to watch in 7th grade though.
Unfortunately, what was seen, can not be unseen.

Anyway, let’s get to the part where my husband wants to pretend I am not his wife.

When we first got to class, we were instructed to write down what each of our biggest fears is.
Steve didn’t find my answer humorous when I quickly wrote down
“Not knowing who the father is” 
When I wrote this, it was in hopes that we would drop our cards into a hat and the teacher would then read them out loud and it would be anonymous.
 ( And hilarious)
Instead, we had to go around the room and read them ourselves, so as not to make Steve completely regret ever agreeing to come, I changed my answer.

I must say that even after changing it to something more conservative, it was still probably the most outspoken concern in all of the class.
Most of the expecting parents wrote things like:
 “I am worried about stretch marks”
“ I am worried about breastfeeding”
“ I am worried about getting to the hospital on time”

Then I get brutally honest and say:
 “I am worried I won’t like my baby, because I am really not a baby all.”
 I am sure this mortified the majority of the class.

Leave it to me to bring up the taboo, the unmentionable, the unmaternal -istic of all concerns.
But, hey, that really IS my biggest worry!
I have never met a baby I fell in love with before, so how can I possibly fathom what it will be like to have an instant bond and love for this little screaming, pooping human?!

The rest of the class consisted of me goofing off and whispering things under my breath to Steve in response to what was being taught.
 He asked if  this was how I handled uncomfortable situations, making jokes of everything.
 ( i.e. “ That’s what she said” and sketching a baby popping out of it’s 10 cm space… ya know, the usual stuff. )

I said “No, I’m not uncomfortable, I am cleaver, I thought you knew this!”
But also, I was just plain bored.

Hopefully next class will be a little more intriguing.