Friday, May 4, 2012

Growing and growing and growing

I am starting to get pretty uncomfortable. 
Only 2 more months of struggling to get out of bed and feeling completely exhausted.
After passing my glucose test, we found out that I am anemic.
So now I have to take iron pills, which hopefully will help my energy since I have zero.

We also had our first 4D ultrasound appointment and got a good look at what the future fetus is going to look like. 
He even opened his eyes and stuck out his tongue during it.

I am anxious to get on with it and start this next chapter of our lives. 
There is so much anticipation in the changes to come.
 Right now I just feel like I am treading water. 
I know this wait is necessary to prepare myself for what is yet to come, but waiting is the hardest part!


Katia said...

You are SO adorable! Love the belly pic! The iron pills will make a difference. I hope your able to get some sleep at night. Almost there ;-)

Love, Chelsea said...

Why are you so cute!!??

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

The 3rd trimester is no joke. It's not easy being pregnant. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the worst is yet to come. I felt like I was going to diieeeeeee from weeks 36-40. Sorry I'm totally pissing you off right now, huh?? lol. I'm so glad you passed your glucose test!! Congrats.

romeifyouwant2 said...

There is nothing sexier than confidence! I love the women that are willing to take pictures! You are an adorable Momma to be!

Carly said...

Oh my goodness. You are an adorable pregnant lady! It's hard for me to give any other words of encouragement, since I haven't carried a baby around inside of me, BUT I can say you look awesome.

Theresa said...

Even though you get feelings of being over-your-head with the impending birth and motherhood thing,know that every woman on the planet has had those feelings.I can tell by the love and care you put into your pet,decorating,baking,parties etc. you will be an awesome mama.It will come naturally (hormones do wonders) I promise you. I know because I am the mother of 5.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are so FAT right now!

Nikki said...

Who is this anon character?... you look adorable!

graciepie said...

LOL. I have no idea... and am completely unsure if that was sarcastic or literal. The qualms of free speech.