Friday, June 29, 2012

Damn you , winter ice storm

You might remember my post a few months ago about the snow turned ice storm we had in Seattle.
It really did a number on my plants.
I moved all my potted plants onto the porch, against the house for protection before the freeze & they were fine.
The trees in the yard however, weren't so lucky.
We lost some huge branches on our old pine tree, both off the same side.
Causing it to lean even further into the neighbors yard than it already was.
That may need to come out now.

Along our back fence we had a few Lilac and Magnolia trees.
 I am assuming 20 plus years old.
Those were all destroyed and have been ripped out.

Last but not least, the huge Rhodidendron tree out front fell over.
The weight of the ice actually pulled the entire thing out of the ground.
Uprooting the trunk and laying the 16 foot tree at a 75 degree angle across the front lawn!
This tree has to be super old.
 It made me so sad that it could die.
We decided the best option was to pull it completely out and then transplant it out back where we removed the broken trees.

No big deal, it's not like we are in the middle of anything else right now!

Here goes nothin'

We thought we could dig it out and then drag it around back using the backhoe, but we were wrong.

This thing was way too heavy and the roots were way too deep to dig out with a shovel.

So dad got to digging

Sad huh?! 
We had to trim almost all the branches off because it was so heavy.

Then we tied it to the bucket and pulled it out

Here is it's new home in the back yard.
It might take a couple seasons to bloom again, but so far it is still alive and standing.

Yard work, yuck.

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Kiara Buechler said...

I noticed in the past week quite a few people up here in the highlands have started trimming back the big trees the were destroyed in that storm. It's sad, but better than seeing them tilting precariously into the road.