Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Garage Sale finds get a new Makeover!

Since we have had a couple nice days of weather around here, I have had some success with garage sale treasures!

I picked up this funny little corner shelf .
 I knew it would fit perfect in the nursery or master bedroom upstairs with the low slope of the ceilings. 

I started by painting it white to match the rest of our furniture. 
While it was outside drying, my parents stopped by. 

I heard them outside debating and went to see what they were looking at. 
They had stopped & were looking at the shelf, talking about how they hadn't seen this shelf for years and remember when it was in the house they lived in on such and such street and oh we thought we gave it away, no, maybe your aunt took it, did she give it back? Where did this come from?

I stood there totes confused and said.... "Um, this is not yours, I bought it for $5.00 in West Seattle at a garage sale!"
However, it is very likely it COULD have been theirs previously. 
Which is really creepy.

But stuff like that seems to happen in my family ....a lot.
(Like yellow kitchens.)
 It is obviously made by someone, it wasn't store manufactured. 
So it does seem likely that in some weird way it could have come back to our family?! 
Too bad it's not something way cooler. 



I added a flocked vintage wall paper as shelf liners.
After cutting the paper to fit, I sprayed the shelf with adhesive and then laid the paper on top.

Perfect fit.

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Angela said...

Great job!! You're so crafty! I love it :)