Wednesday, June 27, 2012

They are watching us

For the last month or so, I have been sleeping in my new master bedroom.
Unfortunately it has taken me a lot longer than I planned to get the curtains up.
 Most of my time in the room is spent strategically standing in certain spaces to avoid one window or another while trying to change clothes.

I need some privacy, damn it!
Not to mention, the sun blaring in on Saturday morning.

Eh, who am I kidding, this is Seattle, the sun doesn't live here.
None the less, I am sure my neighbors have seen more than they need to.
So I got down to business and finished sanding and painting out the trim around the windows, so I could hang curtains.

I chose a light airy layer cotton curtain for my hall window.
I didn't want to block out light, but I needed some privacy.

They look great with the rest of the space.
Best part?
They were 19.00 a panel in the "preteen" bedding section at Target.
Yeah, I am so refined.

For the window in my bedroom, I wanted Roman shades.

Which cost a fortune.
So instead, I talked my mom into sewing me some.
We went to the fabric store and the few materials I actually liked were a lot more per yard than I wanted to spend.

We ended up going to Ross and buying a Calvin Klein sheet set for 12.99 that matches my bedding perfectly.

My mom then used the flat sheet as material for the shades.
She doubled it up and lined the middle with thermal, so it will keep it warm and keep all light out and all privacy in.
My pet peeve are curtains that look opaque but when you turn your lights on inside and its dark outside, everyone can see straight in.
 It's such a false sense of security!

My mom followed the DIY instructions I found online from Martha Stewart to create the shades and add the cord and ring system on the back side to make it fold correctly.
I chose to omit the dowels, so I would have a softer billowy fold, rather than the traditional crispy layered fold you get with a Roman Shade.

                             She also stitched a white boarder around the edges to finish it off!

Now we need to get going on the nursery windows.


Becky said...

I love your bedroom!!!! It's gorgeous! Amazing job!

Love the shade and curtains!!!!

Graham said...

Looks good, Gracie. Nice job finding creative materials too!

Kiara Buechler said...

Very cool.

Love, Chelsea said...

Love it!

Awais Tariq said...

The choice of colors are amazing and i think you simply have done good job just need to add few more designs related to Roman shades concord, ca