Friday, June 22, 2012

Working on the Lodge....still

A few weekends ago Steve and I were down at his parent's house to visit and help with projects. 
Well, Steve helped.
 I sat in a lawn chair and ate dried fruit. 
At one point though, I did cut some bath tile though. 
Yay for  dangerous power tools!

I know what you are thinking. 
"They aren't done yet?!!"

To answer you simply, "No, they are not done yet."
Are any of us every really done though?
*pause and contemplate*

Ok, ok I am just trying to make it sound less depressing... most of us are at least done enough that we have flooring and a kitchen. 
But, hey, this will just make the ending THAT much sweeter, right?
Or maybe they will say " F this!" Retire and move away to a condo in Arizona.
Guess we gotta wait and see how this all turns out.

Here is the latest:

Siding is up and decks are built

The soffits are finished ( that wood under the overhang) 

The front is leveled and graveled, ready to be paved and landscaped

Ok, so maybe not ALL the siding is up, but it's a big house.
The lower quarter around the house will have river rock.

This is the back side. 
There is a little alcove patio area that will also be home to the hot tub and bbq.

One of the back doors

Back door into the Master bedroom that leads to the patio area.

The breezeway between the mother- in -law area above the garage and the main house.

All logs are off their property and have been hand cleaned and fitted into the house.
Check out the railing. 
Steve's dad made that!

The fire place and hearth. 
One project I actually helped with!

The guest bath shower Steve tiled

Recessed shelf 

Mother approved inspection before grouting

The backdoor into the master
(my favorite)

They bought this door off craigslist and then framed it all in themselves. 
Isn't is gorgeous!?

The front door Steve's dad made from scratch.
It's massive.
I believe they are planning on adding iron work to the window and I totally support that.

Maggie the lodge keeper

Nezzy the gardener

Ya'll come back now!


Kiara Buechler said...

Such a gorgeous home!

Nikki said...

If they up and leave to arizona...I'll buy that house!

Stephanie said...

The natural pillars are amazing!!

Carly said...

Wow, that place is amazing!