Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Life in an awkward shaped living room

One day I will figure out how to arrange this room in a functional way.
For now, it has a usable side and a wasted space side. 
Here is the side we hang out on. 
It has the sectional and entertainment center.

Behind it is the front door.

And on the opposite end of the weird rectangular space is the rest of the living room.....

Which has nothing in it. 
I thought about creating a second sitting area there.
Maybe a big over stuffed chair and ottoman and side table?
But, would I really ever use that?
Maybe a fire place like we had talked about adding?
Or my upright piano that I need a place for?
But then what?!
It is still unusable space. 
It is still square footage that would be amazing to have as a living room rather than a place to have something sitting in.

So of course while I was out garage saling, I found some furniture that I didn't need but couldn't pass up. 
One of the pieces found a home against this wall and temporarily give the space a little more meaning... but still serves no purpose at all!

Behold the $20.00 completely unnecessary vanity!
How freakin' cute is it?!

So for now, I will just buy stuff and stick it in this end of the living room.
Unless you have a better idea???


Kiara Buechler said...

Oh my gosh, I think we had the same sofa, but when we moved into our house it didn't L the same way, so we had to sell it. We have a similar living room, let me see if I have a photo of what we've done with ours...

Kiara Buechler said...

Hmmm, couldn't find any photos of how my living room is now, so I will describe it: Basically we have the L shaped sofa (a different one that can go either direction) up almost against one of the short walls. We left about a foot and a half of space so we could hide toys behind it. One part of the L faces the fireplace with the TV above it, the part that's on the short wall faces the rest of the room. We have an ottoman as a coffee table, soft sides we didn't have to worry about a toddler hitting their head on and it allows for more toy storage. Then there is a lot of open floor space, and on the corner opposite the sofa we used to have an Ikea love seat, but now we moved that up into the spare room and I have my desk down here instead, angled in he corner. We love the openness of the room, and the space it allows for playing on the floor. Hmmm, sorry for the long comment, I think you inspired me to do a blog post of my own.

samantha spencer said...

i think your gonna need that space for your kid's crap. My friends that have kids have a corner of their house dedicated to toys and play stuff.