Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My new home

The upstairs is SO close to being done, I can taste it.
Ok, not really taste...it does still smell like new carpet though.
Here are the most recent pics of our progress. 
Once everything is 100% done, I will do a post with before and after pics for more drama. :)

The stairs with new bead board on the walls
and the railing waiting to be hung

                                                         View from the top of the stairs

Heading into the space

See that creepy little hole that goes into the attic? 
Yeah, I have to sleep next to that.

We finally got a door on there.

Steve built it from scratch and used a vintage latch we found in the basement so it looks original to the house.
Now I feel less like a troll is going to pop out of there.

My getting ready corner

The dressers in the wall!
( Awaiting their trim on the bottoms)

Heading into the nursery 

Looking back

My temporary closet until we build some storage 

And last but not least, the bedroom.

Pretty good for a few months elbow grease I think!


The Fancy Lady said...

everything looks great i can't wait to see the final pics! i love the dresser in the walls so cool.
i would be the same way about the hole in the wall that would have freaked me out lol

L Shorty said...

Very cute! I love that the dressers are in the wall. Great idea!

Nikki said...

Looks wonderful! But there is something much more important I want to hear about ;)

Selena Manchester said...

What a lovely house you got, Gracie! Everything looks fantastic, even if it’s not done yet. I certainly love those dressers and chandeliers. They look chic and classy. I hope to see the finish product soon! Good luck with the renovations!