Saturday, July 7, 2012

Save the boobies

Sometimes it just seems like one thing after another.
 I have hit a number of road blocks through this pregnancy and it is finally almost over.
I guess this is just the grand finale!
Luckily nothing has been super serious, just an extra step here or keep on eye on this there.
However, about a month ago I noticed a lump in my breast!

Yeah, I just went there.
Sorry if this is TMI, but I felt like sharing.

 So I had the Dr. take a look at my next apt. 
She agreed that it was unusual even with all the changes my body is currently going through being in my third trimester and all. 
So she sent me next door to see a surgeon for a second opinion. 
After that appointment, the surgeon wanted me to have an ultrasound done to see if it was a solid mass or just enlarged duct or glad, most likely due to pregnancy.

So, the next day I had an ultra sound done at the Breast Clinic. 
They determined that it was large enough to be of concern ( About 3 cm, feels maybe the size of a dime) and a solid mass not a gland. 

The Dr. from the Breast clinic said she wasn't worried about it and I had two options.
 A- Leave it alone, since I am about to have a baby and keep an eye on it. 
It might go away and it might not. 
It might continue to grow and it might not.
 It might be cancerous and it might not...... ( option A sounds dumb)

B- Since you can't truly confirm it is benign from an ultrasound, they could do a needle biopsy on it and send out the sample to be checked. 
Then we can make a decision from there based off the results. 

I went with B.
 Why would I just leave it and cross my fingers?! 
Apparently A LOT of people do though. 
Especially girls my age, who don't have a  family history of cancer and who are about to have a baby.

Which makes sense...
But in my opinion, knowing for sure if something is wrong or not kinda trumps all that.

So I went in for my biopsy. 
The Dr. doing the procedure came in and reviewed my case and then attempted to talk me out of having the biopsy done. 
Since I am so close to giving birth and so young, and healthy and yadda yadda yadda, she suggested we just leave it and keep an eye on it. 

Once again, I refused and said I wanted it tested!

All I could think about were the stories I have heard or read  involving girls who were typically so healthy, or under 30 and not at risk who had doctors recommend they just " Keep an eye on it."

So they wait and watch and then one day down the road something happens and they find out its cancerous and if only they had done something about it when they first discovered it, maybe things would have been different. 
 I don't want to be that girl. 

Take it out, let's be done with it, let me move on and not have to wonder if this foreign object is possibly going to kill me one day.

The procedure was about 15 minutes and they used local anesthesia, so I didn't feel anything.
 I just have to ice for the next few days and take Tylenol for pain.

I got word today that the results came back negative and it is just a benign lactating tumor, brought on by pregnancy.
So it could possibly go away on it's own later on.
 If not, I will probably have it removed.
 Even though they said it's benign, I would rather be lump free and not have to think about it again.

So check yourself before you wreck yourself!


Love, Chelsea said...

Smart girl. Glad everything is ok! Excited for little Mr.'s arrival!

Ms. Mae said...

So glad you stuck with it and put your foot down about getting tested. Its definitely reassuring. I'm happy to hear it was a negative.