Monday, August 20, 2012

Obladi Oblada life goes on brah! La la how the life goes on!

I decided it was necessary to get out of the house and enjoy the week of summer weather Seattle was having.
An entire week of weather over 75!
 Amazing... and sad at the same time.
My parental unit took Steve, Clark and me out to dinner down at a local beach and then we set up lawn chairs to enjoy a free outdoor concert!

The band playing was a Beatles cover band called 

They are really good, however they were giving away copies of their cd's and I was wondering why you would listen to an album by a cover band.
Wouldn't you just buy the real album??

Maybe that's why they were giving them away I guess...

Lady Madonna children at your feet

We saw a great sunset out over Lake Washington

Grandma and Grandpa with Clark

And there was a pretty good turn out for the show too

I have been listening to The Beatles for as long as I can remember.
Some of my first cassettes were Beatles & Beach Boys albums.
When I began taking piano lessons, my favorite book to play out of was the Beatles song book. 
Probably  because I actually recognized most of the songs I was playing.
Last night though, it became apparent that for the last 20 some years I have been singing a lot of the wrong lyrics to these songs

 After realizing that, and being corrected by Mom, some of the songs made a bit more sense!
Who woulda thought?!

Here are a few examples of phrases gone wrong:

What I thought: Paper boy Rider
What they really are: Paperback Writer

What I thought: Lovely Rita, Rita Mae
What they really are: Lovely Rita Meter maid

What I thought: I held her hand in Hawaii
What they really are: I held her hand in mine

Also," A Hard Day' s Night" is actually kinda dirty.

Shame. Shame.