Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A new office

Since moving into our house we had been using one of the rooms as a temporary catch all.
Since the upstairs wasn't finished, we didn't have a permanent place to put everything that we wanted in our bedroom. So for the last year it lived in this room.
 Which awkwardly also doubled as a closet.

Now that the upstairs is done and the master finished, we were able to move all our stuff around and free up this space and make it into a much needed office. 

Here is the room when we first moved in. 
I had my vanity and dresser on one side, a bookcase on the other and all of Steve's clothes in the closet on the opposite wall.
 Which really should be the hall closet for all our coats and things. 

We were thankful the house had room for all our stuff, but as far as being functional, this definitely wasn't. 
It drove me nuts not having things where I wanted them to ultimately be.
It was all so temporary that I didn't even unpack a lot of things, because I knew this wasn't going to be their final home!

In the mean time, Steve set up his computer in the basement on one of the work benches.
Which he said he didn't mind, but seriously, this looks so uncomfortable!

Enter The Man Cave


He wasn't even using a real chair, just an old file cabinet with a blanket on top for padding!

Here is the new office space.
I think it looks a little more comfortable.

I found this desk on craigslist.
It was exactly what I was looking for. 
I knew I wanted something with a two person work station so that Steve and I could both have our own areas and computers. 
I didn't want a hutch on it and it needed to be black.
It doesn't have any drawers, which I wish it did, but it has shelves on both ends which are better than nothing.

 I just needed to figure out a good place for my Printer/scanner that is easy to get to but not sitting out on top of the desk. 
It takes up too much room.

The desk also matches the black bookshelf we have on the other side of the room.

As for the filing cabinet we found in the basement
 (Remember this is the house that keeps on giving) I gave it a fresh look. 
Taking it from a dirty almond shade, to crisp white and then adding black damask detail! 
I am really happy with how it turned out.

Like how I made this picture look all fancy n' stuff?!

I also removed two of the wood square dividers
 ( And I use the word WOOD lightly, this is from Ikea after all )
 on my bookcase to change up the look.

 It also allowed me a large enough space for my printer!

The opened squares

Our work area for two

My black and white wall

Some of my own art for color

Bentley photobomb


Kiara Buechler said...

Very nice! How did you do the damask on the file cabinet?

graciepie said...

After I spray painted the cabinet, I used some wall decals from Joanns Fabrics in Damask designs. OI over lapped them onto the drawers and then slit them with a razor blade so that they looked less like they were randomly stuck on and more like they were painted. I also placed them wrapping around the corners too as you can see. I think that made it look a lot more professional looking.