Thursday, January 24, 2013

Arts n' Farts

Over the weekend a few friends and I went to a painting party! 
We bought the deal on Living Social and lucky for me the shop is just down the street.
Hopefully it is doing well and will stick around because at the moment downtown Renton is looking pretty sad.
 A lot of shops have closed, the coffee shop is now cash only (wtf) 
 is moving to Kent!
 DTR is again doomed.

The event was at Arts-n-Carafes
We got snacks and wine and all the supplies needed to make our paintings.
There was a teacher who walked us all through each step as we followed along.
Even though we  were all working on the same scene they all turned out very different in the end!

I definitely recommend stopping by for some painting fun!

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Becky said...

Great sockbun!!!! Cute painting.

I'm glad your back to blogging!!!!