Friday, January 11, 2013

Powder Louder

Make use of your makeup scraps!

I was about to run out and buy another compact because I was out of powder. 
While I was gathering up all my empty MAC containers to turn  in for my free lip stick, I realized I had a good amount of left over pressed powder in my old compacts.
I decided to get crafty and use up every last bit of it.
Here's what I did:

First of all I  finally figured out how to open this dang thing
I had an old Bare Minerals container I wanted to put the powder into.

Watch the video

Then I used the back of my makeup brush to knock the pressed powder loose from the compacts

After breaking it all up into a fine powder I transferred it into the empty Bare Minerals container and ended up with a full container of loose powder!

I can't believe I was going to toss that all out.
(Yes, I know you aren't suppose to use old makeup and toss it after X amount of months, but hey, waste not want not, right?

**If you didn't know you can turn in your empty MAC containers, you can!
The program is called BACK 2 MAC
You need 6 to turn in all at once. 
They recycle them and in return you get a free Lip Stick!

My favorite is Turkish Delight!

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