Wednesday, March 6, 2013

confucius say

Birthday Forecasts 

This year consisted of a fun gathering to celebrate another year of life on earth and to mix things up a bit..... I had a Psychic come to my house for readings. 
I mean, isn't that what most people do on their 29th birthday? 
Or any birthday for that matter? 
Okay, I know it's a little random, creepy and taboo.
But, I have been having readings done for years and find it enlightening and intriguing. 
I thought it would be a fun activity for everyone to participate in.
Whether they liked it or not!

Obviously I have an unhealthy obsession with cats and oddities
Obviously I have friends that know me very well
Obviously I am Rad

Some of my loot

A vintage mink fur cat head brooch

Cat leggings

Cat shirt

Parenting gone bad book

A reading in action!

My fabulous cake

There are a lot of skulls in this picture.
Hot dog.

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Angela said...

That was a fun night! Thank you for including us!!! love ya!