Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Don't waste your time

Ya know what really gets me goin?!
What really yanks my chain?
What just makes my blood boil?
The chicks in Zumba class that are too lazy to actually Zumba.
I just don't get it. 

Begin Rant:
You made the effort to get yourself to class AND it's only an hour long. 
Why don't you make it worth it!?
 You're here, so just do it.
Otherwise, get outta my way!
9 times outta 10 when I am in class, I am giving it all I got. 
Yeah, we all have days that we are tired, sore, hungry and can't  push ourselves as hard, but there is a difference between that and just wasting time.
I see these type of girls in class every time I go and I absolutely hate being behind them. 
It actually makes me angry!
I know it shouldn't and I should just focus on myself and not care that they are a complete waste of space. 
I either want to walk up to them and yell like a drill sergeant to " straighten those arms, get those squats deeper, jump higher, have some energy!!!" 
These girls just stand there and go through the motions but don't actually DO the exercise.
It's like in dance when you mark the routine just to practice it.
 I think if I taught the class I would go nuts... or I would be walking around the room barking orders at people. 

I know these girls, made the first step in getting fit by showing up and that's great, we all applaud you for that. 
However, if that's where you are going to leave off, I don't want you here taking up space, blocking me in and distracting me! 
I know we are all at different fitness levels and I am not complaining that the out of of shape ladies should be Jane Fonda status, but they should be rockin out what they are working with!

I have just one hour to bust my butt and make it count.
 I stand behind these ladies and I'm  thinking " Come on, hit it! HIT IT!!! What are you doing? That isn't going to do anything for you!"

Yay! You just burned 50 calories and wasted everyone's time. 
Not to mention your own money to attend the class too!

I don't get why they bother coming.
You could do that crap work out at home in front of the T.V.
Do yourself a favor and take it to the next level please.
I am standing 3 feet away and sweating, breathing heavy and ready to pass out and I look over at you and your are all la di dah.


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Angela said...

Amen sister!!! Get those biatches out of our way next time! I was so ready to start screaming and hollering at them as well! We totally should have!