Friday, March 22, 2013

Ladies night at Columbia Winery

This actually happened a few months back but I just now found the photos!
I guess I could have lied and said it was last weekend so it would seem like I am way more on top of my blogging.
It's not like any of you would know the difference I suppose.

I like to make it seem like I am being honest on here though. 
So I will tell the truth....
Or will I?!

A friend of mine is a very special wine club member at the Columbia Winery over in Woodinville and she was invited to a Ladies Night event they were hosting. 
A few of us came along as guests and had a fun night out. 
There were vendors and goodies , snacks and photos and of course wine to sample!

Having a baby does this to you

of course I had to ruin the nice photo with my Toddlers and Tiaras pose...

but then it caught on

and things got weird

Pretty much the best one

The sisterhood of the traveling mustache

We look so "adult" in this photo!


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