Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Guess who made the West Seattle Blog?!

Ya know, Funny stuff comes up when you Google Image search yourself.
I didn't know this existed.


Check it out

Of course they had to include me. 
I'm the only weirdo who was willing to actually pay money for this treasure.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

One week down, two more to endure....I mean, go.

After one week of following the strict protocol of my diet I have managed to loose 12 lbs and an average of 2 inches off of each measurement.

I can't believe I am posting this but here it goes:

After 8 days I have seemed to have detoxed from sugar and my cravings have stopped. 
When I see foods I am not suppose to have they still sound delicious but I don't feel crappy without them.
I am still drinking  plain coffee though.
I figured cutting out caffeine along with everything else was just too much.
I haven't had any carbs or gluten either.
Minus the carbs that come naturally in apples.
I am feeling good. 
Not hungry, just missing food.
I like food & eatting and going out to eat.
Food brings people together. 
I am Italian and enjoying a meal is natural.

Still have about 2 weeks left to go for a total of 21 days in this phase of the diet. 

What life changing things have you learned from dieting?

Right now I just have to remind myself that food is fuel and nothing more.
I have also learned 

More on that later.

Just remember " If you don't know what it is, your body doesn't either"

Monday, May 27, 2013

Bath Time at Grandma's!

Since our house only has a walk in shower, Clark never gets to play in the tub!
So when we come down to the Lodge ( aka In Laws), he gets to have a bath.
He gets pretty stinky only getting washed when we come to Grandma's house, but he makes due.
He showers with us. 
Like a puppy, making laps between my legs in the shower while I try to shampoo my hair. 
Ethel why did you take the tub out of our house?!
Because you were elderly and a shower was safer and easier? 
That is not a good enough excuse!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

No one told me I would gain weight

So after having Clark, I was happy to be nearly back to my pre pregnancy weight in just 2 weeks!
I could squeeze into all my old jeans... they were to snug for me too actually want to wear them out, but I could have if I was feeling extra trashy. 
Sadly though, instead of loosing those last 7 lbs.... I managed to gain 20!
 Somewhere along the way did I got too cocky?
Was it the sleepless 9 months I endured?
Or maybe staying home all day drinking 5 cups of coffee with creamer and taking 2 naps with Clark on my chest because that was the only way I was getting any rest.
Then again, it could have been the postpartum thyroid issues I was having or the fact that some women actually gain weight when they are nursing rather than loose it.

Probably all of the above.
So I decided to get serious and start my diet.
( I am also done nursing)
 I have done this diet twice before and it worked like magic. 
Well, not completely like magic.
It's a lot like torture... and it took some real discipline and control but it really paid off.
 I am hoping this time around I will have success again. 

The diet is.... dun dun duhhhhhhh
Yes, the ever controversial HCG.

Note: I take the homeopathic synthetic drop, not the injections.
Although I have a friend who did the injections and was equally as successful. 

As I am writing this, I looked back in my blog at past posts regarding diet to see if I have mentioned HCG before.
I found a post from exactly 2 years ago this month.
I started with " I finally like how I look"

Oh motherhood, you are a  trickster.

I wanted to post about my diet though because I thought it might help to hold me accountable.
As well as encourage anyone else who is on or wants to try HCG at some point.

I won't go into all the details and science about it. You can Google that if you are interested. Or watch Dr. Oz videos. You will surely find Dr.'s who oppose it and ones who endorse it.
From my own personal experience though, it works.
In my opinion it is not starvation and it is not a placebo.
And it has not caused a yoyo diet effect with me.
That was pregnancy.

Please follow along so you can all see the pounds just melt right off of me.
Like butta.


Here is me right before Pregnancy:

Yep, that's me...dressed as Snooki as a zombie, doing Zumba on the Wii. 
Got moves like Jagger.

Then I got Pregnant:

This is post baby 1 month:
( In my smallest jeans)

Then 10 months:

So this is the beginning of the end.
Diet has commenced and hopefully I can get back to where I am happy again.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Really....REALLY? Grace, please tell me you did NOT spend 80.00 on that!

I hope you all know me better than that.
 I pride myself as a bargain shopper. 
I mean, yeah, I am a sucker for kitschy over the top religious junk... but $80.00? 
You know how much stuff I could get at Ross for $80.00?!
This was just a cruel prank to keep my husband on his toes. 

When we came across this gem as the day was nearing an end, I couldn't believe that no one had already snatched it up.
It was obviously fate. 
Or maybe no one else has the creative vision I have.
OR maybe no one is as foolish as me.
And by foolish, I mean AWESOME!

I bargained down the price from $20.00 to under $10.00 and hauled the awkward thing home. 
After laying out all my goodies from the day on display, I changed the price tag to $80.00 so that when Steve came home he would freak out. 
And he did. 

This was just one of the many treasures I procured at the West Seattle Garage Sale. 
This was my second year attending and I felt like an old pro.
Wheelin' and dealin' I bundled my purchases and chopped prices in half.
I only spent a total of $70.00 and got all kinds of good stuff. 

First check out the lovely day it was!

For a split second...a fleeting moment...a shake of a lambs tale,
 I was glad I lived in Seattle.

Here is what I got:

Baby Trend Expedition Jogging stroller

Infant life vest

Little Swedish clog slippers for Clarky 
(plus another pair of shoes)

ABC sign
Adorable reindeer vest for winter
& Little Space Needle plate

A package of Vacuum seal bags 

Med size Bentley carrier
Because she outgrew the Small.

Still in Package train toy 

Old suitcase

Also few baby gates, books and baby proofing products for the house
( not pictured)

These awesome single pane windows

And a delicious scone from PCC.

Paid full price for that, but it was worth it. 

Also along the way we saw 

I love how he is leaning with one arm out.
Like he is wavin' at chick dogs.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

My first real Mothers day!

My first Mother's Day went splendidly.
We started off at Portage Bay for Breakfast 

I don't know what to order with my big hands...

Whipped CREAM?!!?

We walked around the Seattle Center and hung out by the fountain.
There was chalk EVERYWHERE from the color run earlier that morning.

Then it was off to tour Seattle and Ride the Ducks!

The only successful quack he was able to get out of his quacker was when he sneezed into it. 
He hasn't mastered the art of a whistle yet.
Just screaming....and drooling...

Getting onto the water

Clark & the Space Needle

My Mother's day gift from my Mom was a book I really wanted to get for Clark.

I am excited to read it to him. It's super cute

From Steve I got a drink decanter because my old one broke!

Good day!
Diet starts tomorrow.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

All I F'ing want for Mother's Day

Ten things I really F’ing want for Mother’s Day

Reblogged from Baby Sideburns

1. I don’t want to wipe a single ass all day. I think all kids should have to hold their poop in on Mother’s Day. Now that would make it special.
2. I want brunch. But not with the whole frigging family. I want brunch with my other mommy friends. See ya, rugrats. Mommy’s coming back drunk on laughter and bloody marys.
3. I want to sleep in. But not with my hooligans shouting “MOMMYYYYYY!!!” at the top of their lungs and ramming one of those giant cannon thingies into the door to bust inside. To all the hubbies reading this: when the rugrats wake up, take them outside immediately. Not downstairs. OUTSIDE. That’s right, scoop them up in a football hold and rush them out the door. I’m F’ing serious. Change their diapers and their clothes on the front lawn if you have to. Just don’t let them wake my ass up.
4. I want a card. But not a stupid Hallmark card. I want one of those awesome homemade ones made with macaroni. Only I want the macaroni cooked and poured into a bowl and covered with a delicious cream sauce and paired with a giant bottle of red wine.
5. Jewelry jewelry jewelry. Unless it’s one of those stupid necklaces made with cheap plastic beads. None of that shit. Unless Tiffany’s is suddenly selling overpriced plastic bead necklaces. That can be returned for money. Because I don’t want to exchange it and the only thing I can afford is a stupid ass pen or keychain.
6. I want you to cook breakfast for me. In someone else’s kitchen.
7. I want to pee and poop alone. I will prepare for the day by downing a tanker truck full of liquid and eating ridiculous amounts of fiber.
8. I want chocolate. But not just any ole chocolate. I want the kind that someone has taken a fat Sharpie to and blacked out the F’ing calorie section.
9. I want a good present. Like one I’ll really like. It’s not the thought that counts. It’s MY thought that counts. And my thought should not be WTF?
10. I want ten “Leave me the fuck alone” coupons with no expiration date.

Thursday, May 9, 2013