Monday, May 6, 2013

A sprinkle in time

A few friends and I threw a "Baby Sprinkle"
 ( Instead of Baby Shower. Cleaver, right?) 
for our friend Doni on Saturday.

She already has a baby girl and all the fixin's to go along with her.
So Doni didn't really want a full blown power shower with gifts and games.
So, we did a small brunch and cupcakes to celebrate the upcoming birth of 
Baby Juliana!

 Because leaving him is bittersweet
Clark stood at the screen door and watched me go!

 Gettin out the door
If my hand were just a scoatch higher I would look Pregnant.
For reference -I am not.

We chose La Romanza in West Seattle for brunch.
It was delicious!

Setting up
I made the guest of honor this place mat and ....corsage 

Okay, well actually the corsage I procured at a garage sale a few years ago.
I have been hiding it away, waiting for the right occasion.
 I never anticipated that it would actually be a baby shower though, since it's so ridiculous. 

However, this gathering seemed fitting because there weren't aunts and grandma's to be offended and chances are baby # 2 will have nice dark 
Puerto Rican skin just like the first. 
And by that, I mean not all siblings look alike, not that the jury is still out on who the father is.

For favors we made a delicious lavender sugar scrub that we sealed in short mason jars. 
Then I embroidered the letter J on a swatch of lace to go on top of each one.

Yours Truly

Doni first seeing the corsage

A great idea came out of this silly thing though.
We decided that this corsage will be passed around from shower to shower and each of us will have to wear it because it was just too fabulous to only use once..... er... twice.
Since I noticed a swatch of ribbon on the bottom said " Pamela's Baby Shower 2005" on it.
Each girl who wears it will add their name and date to it as well.
Thanks Pam... whoever you are.
Obviously you didn't think this memento from your OWN shower was worth keeping.

Bloody Mary

Ciambella di Amaretto
( House baked rustic loaf with currants, cinnamon, almonds and amaretto glaze. 
Topped with whipped mascarpone, served with roasted potatoes )

Crab & Artichoke Crepe

Strawberry & Brie Crepes

Dig in!

But leave room for......

After brunch we walked over to Cupcake Royal and stuffed our faces a little more.

Can't wait to meet you Juliana!!!

And you can't end the weekend without smelling your friend's feet.
Which btw Don't stink.

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