Sunday, May 26, 2013

No one told me I would gain weight

So after having Clark, I was happy to be nearly back to my pre pregnancy weight in just 2 weeks!
I could squeeze into all my old jeans... they were to snug for me too actually want to wear them out, but I could have if I was feeling extra trashy. 
Sadly though, instead of loosing those last 7 lbs.... I managed to gain 20!
 Somewhere along the way did I got too cocky?
Was it the sleepless 9 months I endured?
Or maybe staying home all day drinking 5 cups of coffee with creamer and taking 2 naps with Clark on my chest because that was the only way I was getting any rest.
Then again, it could have been the postpartum thyroid issues I was having or the fact that some women actually gain weight when they are nursing rather than loose it.

Probably all of the above.
So I decided to get serious and start my diet.
( I am also done nursing)
 I have done this diet twice before and it worked like magic. 
Well, not completely like magic.
It's a lot like torture... and it took some real discipline and control but it really paid off.
 I am hoping this time around I will have success again. 

The diet is.... dun dun duhhhhhhh
Yes, the ever controversial HCG.

Note: I take the homeopathic synthetic drop, not the injections.
Although I have a friend who did the injections and was equally as successful. 

As I am writing this, I looked back in my blog at past posts regarding diet to see if I have mentioned HCG before.
I found a post from exactly 2 years ago this month.
I started with " I finally like how I look"

Oh motherhood, you are a  trickster.

I wanted to post about my diet though because I thought it might help to hold me accountable.
As well as encourage anyone else who is on or wants to try HCG at some point.

I won't go into all the details and science about it. You can Google that if you are interested. Or watch Dr. Oz videos. You will surely find Dr.'s who oppose it and ones who endorse it.
From my own personal experience though, it works.
In my opinion it is not starvation and it is not a placebo.
And it has not caused a yoyo diet effect with me.
That was pregnancy.

Please follow along so you can all see the pounds just melt right off of me.
Like butta.


Here is me right before Pregnancy:

Yep, that's me...dressed as Snooki as a zombie, doing Zumba on the Wii. 
Got moves like Jagger.

Then I got Pregnant:

This is post baby 1 month:
( In my smallest jeans)

Then 10 months:

So this is the beginning of the end.
Diet has commenced and hopefully I can get back to where I am happy again.


Becky said...

I am joining you tomorrow. I am up 10 pounds since surgery and it's driving me BONKERS! I need to lose 30 pounds to be down 100 pounds from when I started. Hopefully I will have it off by July. I started July 5, 2011.

Shelli said...

Where do you get your HCG from?

graciepie said...


graciepie said...

Yay Becky! Sorry I didnt respond to your text! I saw it and meant to come back to it later. Good job on making the choice to do something. You were so successful last time, I am sure you will do great!