Tuesday, May 28, 2013

One week down, two more to endure....I mean, go.

After one week of following the strict protocol of my diet I have managed to loose 12 lbs and an average of 2 inches off of each measurement.

I can't believe I am posting this but here it goes:

After 8 days I have seemed to have detoxed from sugar and my cravings have stopped. 
When I see foods I am not suppose to have they still sound delicious but I don't feel crappy without them.
I am still drinking  plain coffee though.
I figured cutting out caffeine along with everything else was just too much.
I haven't had any carbs or gluten either.
Minus the carbs that come naturally in apples.
I am feeling good. 
Not hungry, just missing food.
I like food & eatting and going out to eat.
Food brings people together. 
I am Italian and enjoying a meal is natural.

Still have about 2 weeks left to go for a total of 21 days in this phase of the diet. 

What life changing things have you learned from dieting?

Right now I just have to remind myself that food is fuel and nothing more.
I have also learned 

More on that later.

Just remember " If you don't know what it is, your body doesn't either"


Anonymous said...

Great work!

Where do you get your HCG from? I'm interested in the diet too!

- Shelli

Anonymous said...

Great work!

Jamie said...

The most helpful advice I've ever received was from a cognitive therapist at a training class. She said "Don't think of dieting and eating well as punishment, or you will fail. Rephrase it from "I can't have _____, I have to have ______" to "I could have _______, but I choose not to." Once it becomes a choice, it is much easier to give up anything that makes you feel bad but tastes so good.

graciepie said...

Jaimie that is a great way to look at it. I will give it a try. I keep telling myself " you can have that later, this diet isnt forever" Knowing that I am not giving up a donut for life helps. I am just giving it up for right now. And when the day comes that I do eat it, i will make sure its just one and once in a while!

graciepie said...

Shelli- I order from healthyourselfalive.com
Same place every time and it has been great.