Thursday, May 16, 2013

Really....REALLY? Grace, please tell me you did NOT spend 80.00 on that!

I hope you all know me better than that.
 I pride myself as a bargain shopper. 
I mean, yeah, I am a sucker for kitschy over the top religious junk... but $80.00? 
You know how much stuff I could get at Ross for $80.00?!
This was just a cruel prank to keep my husband on his toes. 

When we came across this gem as the day was nearing an end, I couldn't believe that no one had already snatched it up.
It was obviously fate. 
Or maybe no one else has the creative vision I have.
OR maybe no one is as foolish as me.
And by foolish, I mean AWESOME!

I bargained down the price from $20.00 to under $10.00 and hauled the awkward thing home. 
After laying out all my goodies from the day on display, I changed the price tag to $80.00 so that when Steve came home he would freak out. 
And he did. 

This was just one of the many treasures I procured at the West Seattle Garage Sale. 
This was my second year attending and I felt like an old pro.
Wheelin' and dealin' I bundled my purchases and chopped prices in half.
I only spent a total of $70.00 and got all kinds of good stuff. 

First check out the lovely day it was!

For a split second...a fleeting moment...a shake of a lambs tale,
 I was glad I lived in Seattle.

Here is what I got:

Baby Trend Expedition Jogging stroller

Infant life vest

Little Swedish clog slippers for Clarky 
(plus another pair of shoes)

ABC sign
Adorable reindeer vest for winter
& Little Space Needle plate

A package of Vacuum seal bags 

Med size Bentley carrier
Because she outgrew the Small.

Still in Package train toy 

Old suitcase

Also few baby gates, books and baby proofing products for the house
( not pictured)

These awesome single pane windows

And a delicious scone from PCC.

Paid full price for that, but it was worth it. 

Also along the way we saw 

I love how he is leaning with one arm out.
Like he is wavin' at chick dogs.


Ashley said...

Holy stroller STEAL! So bummed we couldn't go g-saling for the big sale.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You got a lot of really cool stuff for 70.00! I love the clog slippers!

(Michelle Taylor)

Maggie said...

My fav is probably the vacuum seal bags. Nice work.