Monday, June 3, 2013

Baby Bird Baby Bird

No, I'm not talking about feeding Clark regurgitated food out of my mouth like Alicia Silverstone, I mean a literal bird. 
We took out the last tree of a series of 3 in the back yard this weekend. 
After we started sectioning it up we discovered a Robin's nest in it with little eggies. 
Sad face. 
We didn't mess with it and set it aside but Steve said they wouldn't come back for eggs. 
I guess at least they weren't chicks. 
I would have felt awful!

I wish that these trees didn't have to come out.
It seems so dumb since we are probably just going to replant more trees where these ones were.
Redundancy is redundant.

I was also told my the neighbor that this Pine was planted by Ethel's dad when they built the house. 
I think that bothers me the most about removing it. 
I know she didn't want to take it out and had a bit of an emotional tie to it.
It was just becoming a hazard and leaning more and more into the house next door.
Not to mention it blocked almost all the sun from our backyard which has caused it to become a carpet of moss rather than grass. 

It was so large and growing at an angle it also caused the 2 trees next to it to grow sideways because they were trying to get sunshine. 
So now everybody's trees are goofy and crooked.

Next step:
A new Fence !!!
Then we won't have to see the Meth Shed behind us or the ugly house next door that desperately needs a paint job. 

Then probably replant new trees
A swing set for Clark!!

(And  maybe for me too)

PS- We left the nest out over night and the next morning one egg was missing!
Honey Badger.

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