Monday, June 17, 2013

Fences make the best neighbors

It has began

"Project backyard makeover hide the meth shed 2013"

Remember all that work we went through last spring moving the huge Rhodie plant from out front to the back?
Yeah, it died.
So we ripped it out.
No good deed , right?

Then the annoying Holly trees needed to come out.

Oops broke the fence. 
Good thing we are building a new one.

And heck , why not take out that massive leaning Pine tree too?!
See more from the previous post

Oooop "Sorry Gracie, remember that Lilac you really liked out back? I kinda dropped a huge branch on it...and broke it off at the ground..."

so.......that sucks.

I decided to keep the stump of the pine and make it a planter.
This is the progress so far.
It's harder than you
would think!

Then it was onto ripping out the back "fence" if you can even really call it that.
The neighbor dude came out to help us clear HIS junk outta the way so we could put new post holes in. 
That was nice of him.

( There is an up close look at the Meth shed. 
Don't know if that is actually what goes on in there, but that's what we call it. 
It's covered in tarps and trash.)

Meanwhile Clark sat and watched from the grass

aaaand now we don't have any shade or privacy!

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Kiara Buechler said...

My mom has been surrounded on three sides with "meth sheds" for years, this last weekend she finally put up bamboo fencing around the whole perimeter and it made a world of difference. Good luck with your new yard, enjoy!