Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Happy Father's day! Now, get back to work.

For Father's day I got you......nothing.
because I got you something last year ( thinking it was so cute and cleaver and perfect even though you weren't officially a real father yet) and you still haven't used it .

Given.... it was from a garage sale and didn't cost a lot... and by a lot I mean $2.00.
But it was still in it's package and all the pieces were there and I'm sure originally it was expensive!

So this year, instead of getting a gift... you get to work out back on building the new fence. 
Because I want need that sucker done by Clark's birthday party next month.

And let's face it, this fence is half for you.
One, because WE are a unit and we share shit.
Remember I am your rib or something like that?
That translates to you build a fence and I sun bath in the new privacy of my backyard oasis.

future oasis

Two, because you really really really want a dog and we need a fence if we get a dog.

However, I did  need to do something for MY Dad, since he does tend to utilize the gifts I give him.
That's probably because they aren't cute little arts n' crafts kits.
Although I am sure I made him a mean macaroni car or something back in the day.

His gifts are typically any of the below items:
(This goes for any and all holidays for the last ....well, my whole life and I'm sure before that too)

Books about cars
Books about rock history
Record albums with cars on the cover
Gift cards for book stores ( to get more car or rock books)
Gift cards for record stores ( to get more albums of cars)
Some random item circled in the ACE hardware ad (ie hammock , folding chair with sun visor)

This finely tuned list makes shopping for him quite simple.
Unfortunately, it also makes it super boring and lame.

So my sister and I decided we would all do dinner at Tap House and then dessert at my place afterwards.

 Since I am still on my diet and can't have sugar or starches, I had to make 2 desserts.

One for everyone else:

And one for me

Mmmm mmmm don't those look just as delish as the Macrina ones?

They were alright... and even better once i added fruit and whipped coconut cream.

( It tastes great, but doesn't look nearly as heavenly as the Paleo site advertises)

And Steve and both our dads worked on the fence! 

Awkward Family Photos


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