Thursday, June 6, 2013

Planning a First Rodeo

Hmmm this should be interesting considering I am going to be in Arizona up until the night before the party.
 "Oooooh Mooooooooom, I need your help!"

Party planning is in the works for Little Clarky's 1st Birthday.
I originally had just planned on having immediate family over for dinner and cake when I got back in town from AZ, but it all kind of took on a life of it's own.

Friends started asking about my plans for a party.
To which I was completely caught of guard because attending someone's child's birthday party is pretty low on my fun list!
Maybe I am just a bad friend.
Hey, I show up and bring gifts and eat your food, I do my part.
But let's be honest an adult party sounds like so much more fun.
I know half of you mom's are going to stop reading my blog now for saying that!
I swear I have nothing against your sweet sweet child.
I just.....well, don't like kids!

I was all like " Really?!! You want to come?"
They were all " Um, Yes, if we don't receive an invitation to Clark's party we will be very upset"
I'm like " But it's his first birthday! He wont even remember it! Or know what is going on for that 
Them " Hey, there will be food and alcohol, we are totally there"

Which I guess brought me to view the whole party in a different light.
It's not really about Clark at all.
It's about family and friends and spending time together.
It's an excuse to all see each other and share a meal.
Break bread, if you will.
Now I understand.
I guess I can get behind that.

Watching my kid make a huge mess is just a bonus.

And this is why all of your kids will be getting Drum Sets for Christmas from Aunty Gracie next year.
You're welcome.

So I began planning and this little family gathering kind of took on a life of it's own.
I got sucked into Pinterest.
I have like 10 projects going on.
I drug out all the platters and serve ware from my wedding.
I have high expectations for this gathering!
Too bad I will have just a few hours the day of to really prepare for it though.
This should be interesting. 
Also, it's a backyard BBQ and we are currently cutting down trees in the backyard and knocking over fences.
Hmmmmm maybe I didn't totally think this through.
No no no, it's going to be fabulous.
I hope.

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Brooke J said...

ohhhh we did a cowboy party for Hudson's first birthday!! It was fun... and yes the first and second even third birthdays are for the parents.... even now some of my friends come that don't have kids... cause it's a party and the food is good ;) Can't wait to see it!