Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pump up the jams and cut up the shirts

What a Wednesday morning looks like for me.

I have a lot of shirts I don't wear. 
So I decided to start a few projects. 
I have been cutting up shirts since I was 15. 
And since I didn't own a digital camera till I was 21( No one did, don't hate) are a bunch of pics from my twenty's!

Court is such a peach

I made this shirt when I was 16.
I loved it to death...and still have it packed away.
I am sure safety pins will make a comeback in fashion one day (cuz they were so great?!)
 and I can drag it out again,
Only problem is that the rivets and pins don't wear well in the,'s never been washed.

My Darkness Top circa 2005
Believe in a thing called LoooOOOVe

In San Diego 

Ballard 2009

Note: My daily drivers , if you will, George Straight and Reba shirts DO get washed !!

Anyway, what I'm saying is that shirt craftery isn't foreign to me.
It's nothing new.
The new part is that I cut this shirt up to work out in, not wear around in real life.....or did I?


Here is my little tutorial
Start with a shirt.
This is a men's large, I really should have gotten and xl.
I like my tops baggy these days.

Start by cutting off the sleeves, neckline and bottom hem

I cut the back into a deep V and kept the front as a scoop neck
Then I thinned out the straps
The best method I have found is to keep trying it on and checking in the mirror before making your next cut. 
I even put it on and make marks with a pen so when I take it off to cut , it's in the right place. 
However, doing it "freehand" like this makes it difficult to make everything symmetrical. 
So it helps to fold your shirt in half vertically and make your cuts in both sides at the same time.

Then I cut the bottom hem strip so it's no longer a loop and stretched it out till it's edges roll.
Next I pinched the back straps together and then wrapped the fabric around them. 
This part you can really do whatever you like. 
I just wanted the V and a bow, so I didn't wrap up very high but if I had kept going, it would have looked more like a T back and would have pulled my front straps in to look more like a halter.
Since this shirt isn't huge on me, I didn't want to do that.

Tah dah!

Like I said, it's for workouts....

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