Thursday, June 13, 2013

The final count down.

Sorry, you don't get a nudy pic of me.
But you get this wonder drawing I made instead.
Here are the diet deets:

That's a combined total of  17.5  inches lost over the course of 30 days!

The latest.

This is day 1 & day 31. 
 I am honestly shocked by this photo comparison. 
No photo shop, no sucking in.
Given, the lighting in Day 1 isn't fabulous...but still, this is pretty great.

Let's not get too ahead of ourselves though, the side profile shot is way better than the full frontal...which I am not sure if I want to post yet.
:::In Ace Ventura Voice:::

I am now maintaining my new weight (phase 3) and adding in foods I wasn't allowed in Phase 2 of the diet. 
I made a delicious Paleo Granola because I have been craving cereal
It called for honey, which isn't Phase 3 friendly. 
No sugars allowed.
So I used a very small amount.
It's also much better after you refridgerate it a bit so that the coconut oil can completely solidify.
I, of course couldn't wait to gobble it down and it crumbled into bits.

I also had some sour cream today.
Dairy has a variety of different effects on people, so who knows how mine will handle that.
I also bought some Coconut Milk to eat with my granola.

I bought the Unsweetened, because the vanilla & original flavors had more sugars added.
The verdict:
tastes like I am drinking paper.
So I cut it with half 2% milk. That helped, but not fabulous.
I think I prefer Almond Milk for now.

Also all this coconut stuff is making the tummy rumble and rattle.
If you didn't know this already , coconut is a natural laxative.
That goes for all things coconut; oil, butter, juice, milk etc. 
I found this out the hard way on my Honeymoon in Jamaica...

*And you though drinking out of a coconut with a straw was sooooo cute*
Buyer Beware. 

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