Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Week 3, down 23 lbs!

My diet was suppose to wrap up and move in to the 3rd phase by now but I was bouncing around the same weight for almost a week. 
I would go up .2 then down .4 then up .1 then down .5. 
So I decided to stick with this phase of the diet and try to drop a few more pounds just to make sure I break through that set point I seem to be stuck on.

My body obviously doesn't want to move from that weight for some reason. 
I really really want to expand my food horizon and add in the foods that I haven't had for almost a month now, but I figured 
"Hey, I am already here, might as well stick it out a few more days and just get it over with" 
Other wise I am going to get frustrated later on and want to diet again and wish I had just done it when I was already on the diet path the first time!

Through all this I haven't really dropped sizes or look noticeably different. 
My clothes just fit a whole lot better.
 I went shopping in my closet today and fit into some summer dresses that I know I wouldn't have before.

It's crazy that I can loose 20 lbs and you still can't tell much difference when you look at me.
I mean, I can tell from the way I feel, but I don't think anyone else would notice or think I was all of a sudden significantly thinner. 
Which is sad! 20 lbs is substantial. 
I guess it was all the hidden fat that left my body...
Visceral fat.
This picture kinda slaps me in the face though and says hey shut up 

So..... I had 20 of that?

The progress:

Now it's onto increasing calories and staying away from Sugar and Starch.
Basically a Paleo diet plan.
And work exercise back in.
Because obviously, one needs that to stay fit.
Okay, let's do this thang.

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