Tuesday, July 16, 2013

5 Things I'd buy if I won the Lottery- 52 weeks of Blogging with a purpose

This was actually a difficult question for me to answer.
Of course there are more than 5 things I would like to do with the money if I had it.
First of all, let's assume this hypothetical treasure is infinite.
If I am going to win the Lottery, it's not going to be $50,000.00
It's going to be $500 million, let's get that straight.

1.First I would pay off debt. No one wants that peering over their shoulder. Be that credit cards, cars, student loans or mortgages. Pay it all off. The hubs obviously quits his daily grind.

Then get myself someone I could trust in the financial planning world and invest so I could live off the interest and continue making even more money with my money.

2.Next I would pay off the mortgages of mine and the hub's parents.
Thus allowing for retirement of both parties and in turn giving me ...babysitters when ever I want! Because I will need them, for all the shopping I am about to do. Oh, and life is short, you only live once, we owe them everything, respect your elders and yadda yadda yadda.

3.Then I would buy ( in cash) a new house.... or two....or three
I am thinking, one in Seattle ( keepin' it real), one in San Diego ( a whale's Vagina) and a vacation home in shall we say, Italy. Because I am worldly like that.

4.These purchases would be followed by lots of trips in private planes for all my friends to vacation, on my dime.
Because after all, what fun is money if you don't have someone to enjoy it with?

5.And of course  I would give back. Duh.
 Donations,charities, businesses and all that.
 I couldn't imagine having this kind of money and not handing it out constantly. 
Heck, when I made money from the Chevy commercial I felt the urge to give back almost every time the opportunity presented it's self.( It was a confusing feeling for me) and I was definitely not making millions.

A lot of the other bloggers who linked up with this post ended in saying that they didn't actually play the Lottery so their chances of this becoming a reality were zero.
To that I say, " More for me betches!"
I play weekly.
So, it's all in due time before I am rich rich filthy rich.

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