Thursday, July 18, 2013

Grieving the death of someone you never actually knew.

I remember the day Kurt Cobain died. 
My sister holding back tears as we read the headline on the newspaper.
We were in Portland visiting my Aunt and I was in the 4th grade.
It was raining and we were out shopping downtown when we passed by a paper stand and caught a gimps of the news. 
I was shocked but I think even more shocked, by my sister's reaction to it. 
She didn't know him.
Yes, she wore the band T shirts and played the music incessantly, but did it warrant tears?
Actual sadness like a friend or relative had passed?

I came across an article that got my wheels turning. 
I think we have all been affected at some point in time by the loss of a celebrity.
 It's a weird feeling because you somehow feel like you know them personally.
 It's a one sided relationship with someone you have never met and yet you feel deep down inside like you have.

Maybe because you watched their show every week or listened to their music until the tape stretched out or stalked them on Twitter and happen to know that, just last Friday they were out at Nobu eating Sushi. 
It's like you were there with them. 
Throwing Benjamins ( Do they call it that anymore?) and bottles of Cristal.
Social media gave us this secret VIP pass to accompany them and it's almost, almost as good as having actually been there.

Which brings me to this question asked in HelloGiggles Article:
"Should we feel guilty dedicating headlines, Tweets and status updates to an Actor?
 Is it superficial? 
Or are most of the heartfelt condolences coming from an insincere, bandwagon-like mentality anyway?"

Read Michelle's Article  Here:

By Michelle Konstantinovsky

Food for thought.

Comment and share:
What was your celebrity mourning moment?
In retrospect, was does it seem totally ridiculous?

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