Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hee-Hee- Hoooo- PUSH!

Even though it was Clark's 1st Birthday, Mama got herself a lil gifty poo too.
Steve gave me a belated Push Present.
 One Year, better late than never!

 I really wasn't expecting anything. 
The Mr. is a no frills kinda guy and I knew hoping for a material item as a thank you for carrying his child inside my fragile body for almost an entire year while enduring all day sickness, constant monitoring and handling by strangers, ending in a finale of hours of medicine free labor and pushing catapulting said 7lb 14oz fetus out of my body, was just wishful thinking. 

Well I have three words for you :
Limited Edition Betches!

Unknown to me, Steve had been shopping around for a gift of jewelry to give me, but when he heard about the love I had for this watch he jumped at the chance to get me something I had already picked out! 
Which I appreciate.
 I hate looking a gift horse in the mouth. 

After convincing him this was the ultimate gift and I would surely die without it....or worse not have another baby ever again, we had a conversation that went a little like this:

Steve " Are you sure this isn't a men's watch??"
Me "Yes, I am sure. It's called Oversized and it's badass."


Not only is it a beaut, it's also a good cause.

The 100 Series watch is 
part of the brand's partnership with the UN's World Food Program.
100 children will receive a meal for ever watch sold.
All in an effort to stop world hunger.

Here are some other ladies sporting the time keeper.
 I love how chunky it is ! 
And all the bracelets with it.

 Feel free to ask me the time anytime now because I would love an excuse to look at it again!

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