Friday, July 19, 2013

It's so hot, I saw the Devil on the corner selling ice cream

For the 4th of July Holiday I went down to Arizona to meet up with some old friends.
We all decided Amy's house was a good central location, since we were all flying in from different places.

It was also Clark's first birthday
Clark's first flight!

I got a pair of wings for him from the captain at the end of our flight to AZ.
He was nice enough to take a photo with Clark in the cockpit too!

On the way over the flight was only half full so we were able to bring the car seat on and Clark rode in that. 
Coming home he sat on our laps. 
If you want to call it that, it was more like he rolled and twisted and squirmed back and forth between us. 
I don't know how anyone does that alone with a baby. It really takes at least two people to manage! 

Riding the shuttle to our car

Once we got to Amy's house all we wanted was to jump in the pool.
It was so hot!

Night Rider

We took advantage of the 95 degree night and went for a ride up to Sonic!

We did some shopping....

(Of course I couldn't pass up trying on this creation at the mall)

And some relaxin'.....

And Pool Time

It was 112 during the day!

My 4th of July solo bicycle parade down the street

Amy & Me



Through the Eye of Time

Miss you girls!!!

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