Monday, July 15, 2013

That woman might not be a bitch at all. She just suffers from bitchy resting face.

Please excuse my asshole face

I thought I was the only one.
Until I came across an article in People Magazine ( You know, the reliable gossip mag...) about actress Anna Paquin and her self proclaimed bitchy resting face.
I was so excited, I folded the corner back on the page and made sure to show Steve.
I guess hoping to prove to him it was a legit diagnosis.

You may remember my post back in 2010 regarding this topic.
She's not giving you the stink eye, that's just the way her face looks.
Ya has been a life long problem I have "suffered" from.

This Video explains it all.
No, seriously.
I'm not a bitch.
This is just the way my face looks.



Ms. Mae said...

I think this entry just made to my fave list. Hahaha! Explains it all!!

Nikki said...

You're not just born with it either, I've adapted to have bitchy resting face so people won't talk to me in public. Mostly because I'm paranoid. Survival of the fittest!