Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Talk of the Funeral

Last week
We had the funeral for my Nona.
It was nice...well, as nice as a funeral is...

That night, Steve and I went to see Bad Company and Lynyrd Skynyrd with my Sister and her Fiance'.
It was a great show.
Especially since we upgraded our seats once we got inside the venue.
We originally had Lawn Seats and it was....surprise, pouring down rain!
So we paid an extra 10.00 each and moved to real seats undercover and closer to the stage.

Both bands were great.

Paul Rodgers the lead singer of Bad Company is a spitting image of Chuck Norris.
I kid you not.

Well, at least he was at 500 ft 

"Play Freebird!!"

According to Urban Dictionary:

Play Free Bird
1. The thing to say to heckle a band/musician that you are not enjoying by implying they are not playing "real music" like Lynyrd Skynyrd.

2. A surefire way to establish yourself as the angriest and most unoriginal person in the room.

( at a Jesse McCartney Concert)

40 year old Pedophile: Play Free Bird!
13 year old girls: Shut up Creepy man!
Jesse McCartney (giving the finger): There's your Free Bird

We made sure to only yell this during Bad Co.
And that's not because we didn't like Bad Co.
It's just that, well, the joke would have been lost had
 we actually yelled it at Skynyrd.

The other night, Steve said " Clark's upcoming party 
was the "Talk of the Funeral"
I sighed.
That sounded so incredibly ridiculous!
Then I thought " She would have wanted it that way"

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