Tuesday, July 2, 2013

You should shop here!

I started ordering stuff off Soap. com and have been really happy with them.
If you want to give it a try, they are offering free shipping right now and 20% off your order when you use my code!

It's a lot like Amazon (that's actually how I came across it.)
I had heard of it before, but I have never really felt like I wanted to order groceries ....or a Gillette razor...or  Lysol wipes. 
I can just get that stuff when I am out.

Since I have been changing my eating habits, I have been making a lot of new recipes.
Many of which are Paleo and / or gluten free.
They require some ingredients I don't typically keep on hand.
I spent a good amount of time price comparing on a few staple items I needed and ended up at Soap.com

Some of their prices are pretty comparable to stores I shop at, so whatev.
But last time I ordered, since I was a new Customer, I got a great deal.
Best of all, they shipped next day and it was free!
I received more coupons in that order that I was able to use on my most recent order.
Even better, I was able to enter more than one coupon code per check out!
Which in the end, made my purchases much cheaper than I would have been able to get them for at any store I shop. 

Check it out!

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