Monday, September 23, 2013

Let's make like a tree and get outta here

Or.... leave?

Welcome fall!

I finally updated the kitchen chalkboard from Clark's 1st Birthday stats to a seasonal greeting like I had always dreamed of doing when I originally bought the chalkboard for a whole dollar. 
As I later found out, it was only in my dreams that I would have time to do anything fun like this when I have a toddler destroying my house. 
My wonderful 1920's time capsule.... with it's refinished original hardwoods that now need re-refinishing. 
A house that had freshly painted trim and molding that somehow needs touch ups and putty. 
The house that has aged 10 years in 1 year, like the "tan mom."
 I feel bad for it. 
I feel less bad about my chalk art though, I think I did a pretty good job for free-handing it.
(That's what said)


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