Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloweenie!

Happy Halloween!!
I hope the rain lets up and everyone has a great evening.
I am looking forward to next year when Halloween will be on a Friday.
Or will it be Saturday?
Darn leap years and your trickery.
Thursdays are kinda useless, besides watching Greys Anatomy.

Check back tomorrow for pictures of our fabulous homemade costumes in action!!!!
Here is a clue for you, my pretties.


Shine Bright Like a Diamond

I decided to do a little Halloween crafting of my own.
Thank you Pinterest for once again making me feel inadequate.
I got this pumpkin at Hobby Lobby last year after Halloween when it was 70% off.
I wish I had bought more.
I love white pumpkins on their own but I thought I would make it a little snazzier.



I Just used some mod podge and silver glitter for the base layer of sparkle.
Then I went back and glued on vintage rhinestones I already had and some cheaper craft rhinestones to fill in.
Super easy and I can use it year after year!

Here are some other great white pumpkin ideas I found:

I also painted one of my pumpkins for the porch



Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The great pumpkin Clarky Brown

Friday Clark went to his first Pumpkin Patch!
We spent the morning at Spooner Farms in Puyallup with my friend Danica and her twins.

The girls of the corn

We followed the signs that said  " Animals" expecting a petting zoo or something.
Instead we got fake circus animals in boxes.

Clark picked a little white pumpkin to take home

On Sunday my sister took Clark to a pumpkin patch in Carnation.

Clark walking with some guy who was in the pumpkin patch.
Maybe I shouldn't let Auntie Rose take Clark for the day anymore.
I mean, even though this guy said he had a van full of candy, what are the chances that he actually drove it that day?!

Boots n Scarves and Boots n Scarves

Clark picked out the ugliest pumpkin ever at this patch.


Friday, October 25, 2013