Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Leavenworth, come on vacation, leave on probation

Okay, maybe not probation....but maybe a $700.00 ticket.
More on that later if you're lucky.
I spent last weekend at Oktoberfest in the little drunk town of Leavenworth.
Nestled cozily in the hills just as you get to Eastern Washington, Leavenworth steals your soul and spits you out.
Much like eBay or Tijuana.
If you haven't been there, it's cute.

I have been going there since I was a sophomore in Highschool on German class field trips.
In retrospect I am questioning how friends managed to smuggle a beer bong and all that Budweiser (I'm not even mad, I'm impressed.)

Anyway, now that I am well over the legal drinking age of 16.....errr, I mean, 21, it is still just as fun to be drunk and disorderly in public. 
As my bff put it, "I can't wait to be ashamed of what I do this weekend! "

This weekend was not all just about beer and dress up though.
It was about celebrating a friend's Birthday.
We rented a house, made dinner, ate pie and drank delicious Sangria.

Saturday we spent a leisurely time getting all dolled up and ready to go.
Since it's the end of Oktober and we were in the mountains, it was a tad chilly. 
We didn't let this deter us from being scantily clad. 
That's what beer blankets are for.
Although in comparison to all the other girls in town who were under 40, I was dressed a bit matronly. 

This series of photos pretty much forshadows the night:

We start out put together

Things start to get weird

No one remembers anything beyond this point

The night has gone to hell in a hand basket

After heading into town, we ate dinner at South.

Then joined the party.
I was feeling great until overexerting myself on the dance floor ( thanks Steve) and getting a head ache which killed my buzz.

Everyone else continued to party though and I remained the more sober-ish one of the group.
 ( Which sadly happens more often than not, my body just doesn't like alcohol) 
But, oh don't you worry. I still had a good time and kept myself occupied.
I slow danced with some old men who invited me out on the floor.
I'll consider that my community service for the year.

Then I sat alone while the shit show started and clearly everyone was going balls to the wall.
This is when I was approached by a young Russian exchange student.
We talked about his school and he was confused how I stayed home with a child and didn't go out and work or go to school.
 I tried to explain that I was pushing 30 and graduated years ago.
He continued to ask me the same questions though.
 I don't think he actually understood much English, but pretended too.
Finally, I was scooped up and whisked away to head home.
I hate it when I get trapped talking to a guy who clearly isn't interested in anything I am saying and no matter how many times I mention my husband or baby, they don't let off.
So I end up humoring myself and continuing to chat with them knowing full well the conversation isn't going to get them anywhere.
It becomes a bit of a game.
Then I leave.
Boys are dumb.

We made it back to the house, which we had originally thought we could walk to.
Turned out it was 5.5 miles away on an unlit back road though.
Thank you shuttle driver Scotty from Ballard!
I went to bed. 
Ryan walked into the spiral staircase and surprisingly didn't get a concussion.
In the morning we got wieners and coffee, then headed home. 

It was good time.

Happy Birthday Danica!!


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Anonymous said...

They'd have to be dumb to talk to you.

But hey, enjoyed the titties and the playing lesbian antics!