Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I'll get you my pretty

Here is the post you have all been waiting for, Clarky's Halloween costume debut! 
If you hadn't guessed it yet, we went with a Wizard of Oz theme this year.
Clark was dressed as a flying monkey and I was the wicked witch of the East.
No, not the green witch that you see in most of the movie, that's the witch of the West.
I went as the other sister, the one that Dorthy's house lands on and is crushed to death in the beginning of the film.

Clark's costume was semi homemade ( Sandra Lee style)
The monkey suit was scored off Craigslist for a fraction of it's $50.00 original price
The vest and hat were hand sewn by Clark's fairy grandmother.
The wings were repainted white angel wings.

Clark isn't really big enough to grasp trick or treating but I took him around with some friends and their kids anyway.
Unfortunately, my costume was a bit flawed.
You see.... I was wearing a cardboard box, which in turn didn't allow for me to carry or even really hold hands with my child.
Steve was working night shift, so luckily my amazing girl friends stood in as "Dad" and steered the kid clear of the street and dog poop in yards.
Perhaps I should have thought this outfit all the way through.....

Our gracious host Rachelle made potato soup and treats for us all before we headed out to Trick or Treat!

On our walk I started accusing friends of passing gas while upwind of the pack.
Then we passed a "Lake" according to the city posted sign on the fence.
Although after closer inspection it was really more of a retention pond slash cesspool...
which explained the smell.

I even convinced Chris and Angela to dress up!
They came as the same person....
Johnny Depp.

I thought they did a good job, even though dad thought this guy was dressed as Kid Rock.
My mom explained, that first of all, it's not a guy, it's Angela.....
Thus making his opinion irrelevant 

My bumper sticker

( Yes...I can drive a stick)

House Costume DIY post to come!


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