Tuesday, December 31, 2013

There isn't as much room under the highchair as there used to be

Photos of 
Then and Now

My sister and I decided to make a gift from the heart this year for my parents.
It took a little planning and some contortion moves like a bad game of Twister but we got it done.
Here are the results of our efforts.
The fruits of our labors, if you will.....

Recreating childhood photos


Clark wanted to help


Here it is in the frame with some jazzing up

Some other kids with time on their hands:

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dinner on parade

Celebrating 2 Birthdays before the Holidays is tough. 
I think I am liking our new tradition of the Traveling Dinner though.
You may remember last year's soiree' 

This year we started at my sister's house for appetizers.
Then headed to my parent's for the main course
and finished at my house for dessert.

 I made a spice cake with molasses cream cheese frosting
Recipe can be found
In a December issue of Relish 

And Caramelita Bars
Which were rich and delicious but a lot more caramel like than a bar cookie, which is what I was expecting.

Clark's first photo bomb

That night Clark and I came down with the stomach flu and threw it all up.
It wasn't as good the second time around.
True story.


Monday, December 16, 2013

Ghosts from Christmas' past

Thought it would be fun to take a little walk down old memory lane.
I dug out the Santa photos that my darling mother displays every year on the buffet in her house.
I wanted to share their awkwardness ............ with the rest of the world.
Because nothing says Happy Birthday Jesus like a young girl sitting on some stranger's knee every year.

There are a few missing, I don't know why I couldn't find them.
This was a pretty well enforced December tradition.

Let us begin








Don't judge me

I am wearing my aunt's vintage sweater from when she was in Elementary school.
 I still wear it too!

Thought we would spice things up this year. 
I dressed as my sister and she dressed as me.
( A slightly exaggerated version, I wasn't  that preppy)

Boyfriend Santa photos!
Awww young love
I am also sensing a pattern here with the skirts and boots

We chose to get our "Santa" photo at the Nutcracker Ballet with the Rat King instead.
 We thought he was much creepier looking.

 I ended up with a Santa photo anyway with my Best Friends

We thought Mom would enjoy this one.
Not sure if she actually did.
Aren't you surprised we haven't taken any with our cats in them?!

This was my first year in California, no photos were taken with Santa this year, but for the sake of continuing the walk down memory lane I found my best representation of a holiday photo for the following corresponding years.

Spoke too soon about the cat. There she is! On the beach no less. 
This photo was taken in December btw.
We used them on our Christmas cards this year.

Back home in Seattle
( Only 2.5 weeks away from meeting my husband on a blind date!)

Cutting down our tree

Newly weds

Just found out we are expecting Clark

You might be thinking
 Is that the same black dress from 2008? 
Yes, it is.
Obviously a great purchase

And the more things change, the more they stay the same


Friday, December 13, 2013

I just can't stop buying my own gifts

Gift shopping for the holidays is a tricky business. 
You send me out into a mall that is bursting at the seams with sales and gift sets and I am suppose to stick to a list and buy things .....for OTHER people. 
This is a true test of will.
How am I suppose to pass up all the amazing deals and one time today only for the next 30 minutes door buster sales!!!?

In years past, I have been pretty good at taking photos of amazing finds I "need" and then passing on the request to Santa.
 I have even gone as far as placing things on hold and calling Santa to let him know.
This year, I have a weakness... I am not sure if it's my age, or the fact that I am now a stay at home mom who doesn't get to shop like she used to,but I have been buying myself gifts all season long. 
Maybe it's a subconscious worry that since Clark is here now he will get all the good gifts.
 I will get a saggy stocking and a Christmas mug filled with taffy. 
Wow, that just sounded really greedy. 
But let's be real here,
 I have always been a bit spoiled on Christmas. 
Not my fault. Blame my family.
 So, now it's time to pass the torch to my well deserving son. 
Don't get me wrong, I want him to have everything he wants.
 It's incredibly hard to walk out of Target these days without a new toy for him. 
I mean, you should see his face when he stops and plays with the Tickle me Elmo!
 It melts your soul. 
With that said though, it's a little rough making the transition from daughter to mother. 
So I guess to ensure that I have a fulfilling holiday engagement, I have been stockpiling.... gifts.....for myself. Is that so wrong?! 
 Now, I have done my best to thoughtfully forget what it was that I have bought, so that I will be surprised when I opened them. 
Because that's part of the whole experience. 
It's not just the gifts... its the surprise! 
The excitement of Christmas morning and the anticipation of
 "Will I get that new pony I want or will it be another calendar?" 
I can't be sure till I open it!

Judge me, I know you are. 
But please tell me I am not the only one who is guilty of this crime!
 Misery loves company. 
(And Joanie loves Chachi )


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sacrilege you say

I know this video has been out for a while.
 I saw it months ago and then forgot about it, until it popped into my head this morning.
 I had to look it up and watch it again. 
The first time was the best though.
 It's creepy and disturbing but also kinda awesome. 

Sacrilege by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

What are your thoughts?
Leave a comment!


Friday, December 6, 2013

I'm kind of a big deal

I don't know if you have looked at the Seattle Met magazine this month yet..... but if you haven't, let me save you some time and cut right to the chase.

Yep, that's yours truly.
Right there on the top corner.

It's not a national commercial or anything....but Hey, us housewives, nay Domestic Goddesses, gotta get our kicks somewhere!

You're welcome.