Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cranberry Fiesta

Last minute I decided to take cranberries to Thanksgiving at the In laws. 
Last year there weren't any, apparently no one is a huge cranberry fan on that side of the fam. 
So this year I took matters into my own hands.
 I found this delicious looking recipe on another blog that I follow. 

It was easy to make and it yields about 1.5 mason jars. 
Plenty to feed my berry cravings. 
I showed up with my creation and no one was quite as excited for them as me.
And by quite as excited, I mean no one cared.

Of course since I decided to bring some cranberries this year, it was no surprise someone else also showed up with them. 
More left overs for me! 
I put them on my day after thanksgiving waffles.
My leftover turkey sandwich.
My pumpkin pie....
My fork.
They are so good.
Make some and shame the shit out of other side dishes.


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