Friday, December 13, 2013

I just can't stop buying my own gifts

Gift shopping for the holidays is a tricky business. 
You send me out into a mall that is bursting at the seams with sales and gift sets and I am suppose to stick to a list and buy things .....for OTHER people. 
This is a true test of will.
How am I suppose to pass up all the amazing deals and one time today only for the next 30 minutes door buster sales!!!?

In years past, I have been pretty good at taking photos of amazing finds I "need" and then passing on the request to Santa.
 I have even gone as far as placing things on hold and calling Santa to let him know.
This year, I have a weakness... I am not sure if it's my age, or the fact that I am now a stay at home mom who doesn't get to shop like she used to,but I have been buying myself gifts all season long. 
Maybe it's a subconscious worry that since Clark is here now he will get all the good gifts.
 I will get a saggy stocking and a Christmas mug filled with taffy. 
Wow, that just sounded really greedy. 
But let's be real here,
 I have always been a bit spoiled on Christmas. 
Not my fault. Blame my family.
 So, now it's time to pass the torch to my well deserving son. 
Don't get me wrong, I want him to have everything he wants.
 It's incredibly hard to walk out of Target these days without a new toy for him. 
I mean, you should see his face when he stops and plays with the Tickle me Elmo!
 It melts your soul. 
With that said though, it's a little rough making the transition from daughter to mother. 
So I guess to ensure that I have a fulfilling holiday engagement, I have been stockpiling.... gifts.....for myself. Is that so wrong?! 
 Now, I have done my best to thoughtfully forget what it was that I have bought, so that I will be surprised when I opened them. 
Because that's part of the whole experience. 
It's not just the gifts... its the surprise! 
The excitement of Christmas morning and the anticipation of
 "Will I get that new pony I want or will it be another calendar?" 
I can't be sure till I open it!

Judge me, I know you are. 
But please tell me I am not the only one who is guilty of this crime!
 Misery loves company. 
(And Joanie loves Chachi )


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