Thursday, January 30, 2014

Birchbox numba 1 review

Item 1:
Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in Shimmering Pink Nude

What the site says about it-
This gloss drenches your lips in shine and color that is never sticky.Glides on smooth with soft squeeze tube and custom designed tip.

My 2 cents
Glides on super smooth, isn't sticky & has a good neutral color.
I don't get why the line is called Sugarbomb though.
It has nothing to do with sugar, it doesn't taste sweet and the products are all in the pink shade family.
Which to me, doesn't scream sugar...?

Item 2:
Beauty Protector 
Leave in Conditioner 

What the site says about it-
It conditions, shields from heat & sun as well as detangles. 
Plus, it's 100% vegan

My 2 cents
Why is it exclusive?
It makes my hair silky and smooth without the grease.
10k other reviews on the site give it a 4.5 outta 5.
That's pretty darn good. 
I hate that I can only order it though, I prefer the instant gratification of the mall.
I am a girl of the 80's after all.

Item 3:
Harvey Prince
Perfume sample

What the site says about it-

The spritz that greets you with a smile.

The world's a busy place. Let time stand still for a moment, and with one spritz, taste the sweetness of Meyer lemon in your cold glass of lemonade, smell the pink plumerias budding, and revel in the jubilant tweets of the nearby hummingbird. Before diving back into reality, say "Hello" to your body and soul.

Harvey Prince is thrilled to bring you a splash of spring with our latest, hippest, most energizing fragrance, "Hello." With a twist of citrus in homage to that fresh squeezed glass on the breakfast table, the subtle yet invigorating notes are layered with Summer Forsythia, an early Spring floral, to bring out the blossoming glow within you. As the scent wears through the day, you'll be warmly greeted with the enchanting smell of Pink Plumerias, found in the fragrant floral Leis of Hawaii bestowed upon guests, friends, and loved ones.

Embrace your surroundings, reach out, smell, touch! The warm and soft rays of sunshine on your shoulders will keep you company through the day. Take a whiff and just say, "You had me at Hello.

My 2 cents
Wow that description was a little ridiculous. 
It smells good if you are the Clinique Happy perfume type.
Which is too floral for me.
( And too HAPPY I guess, remember I have resting bitch face after all. Not to mention it also gives me flashbacks of freshman year in high school)
However the scent did wear all day and I appreciated the sample came with a spray tip and I wasn't forced to dab it all over my body with my finger.

Item 4:
Full size!

This one is pretty self explanatory.
I stuck it in the Hub's lunch box though because I'm on a diet.
Ha. Okay,the diet part is a lie.
I knew if I ate it, I would eat the whole damn thing at once because I lack self control.
Once you pop, you can't stop.... or something like that.

Item 5:
Ruby Wings
Color Changing Solar Nail polish
In Ride em' Cowgirl

What the site says about it:
Can't decide on the color, wear 2 in 1. It's one shade indoors and another shade outdoors. Also lightly scented with floral notes.

My 2 cents:
The sun doesn't shine in Seattle.
I smelled no notes of floral.

Over all I was happy with my first box and am anxiously waiting for the arrival of the next one.
Hopefully it is packed full of stuff I can use!



Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

I did Birchbox for a year! I liked it a lot but decided to move onto something else. I am doing Ipsy Glam Bag now, I've only gotten one so far but I like it a lot!

gracie@ohgraciepie said...

I saw that you were doing Ipsy Mandy! I may have to try it out after this subscription is done.

Ashley said...

I just got my third Julep Maven box. I think I will discontinue after this one since I don't paint my nails very much, but I like that you get to choose which box you get so you can see the colors before you commit. I got cream shadow and liquid liner with a brush with my one polish this month.

gracie@ohgraciepie said...

I haven't heard of the Julep Maven Box before. It doesn't sound like I would like that one much either.