Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Did my toddler really just google twerking?

Maybe it's time to start up an Instagram account  for Clark.
All on his own he has figured out how to unlock my phone, access the camera, take a photo ( most of which are selfies) and then go into the album and scroll through to view them.
It seriously blows my mind. 

This is almost as impressive as when he unlocked my phone, went to the internet, searched Bing by typing in jibber jabber which took him to a video of Brazilian girls dancing. (Dirty dancing)
 He then played this video and danced along with them.
When I heard the unfamiliar music I looked at what he was watching and discovered he was enjoying some kinda spring break girls gone wild badonkadonk contest.
Now, that's talent!

Here's a small selection of his photography :

Practice makes perfect

Bentley behind the couch

His view from the floor

Cuddling with my bathrobe 

The couch

Close up of the rocking horse

Too cool to look directly at the camera

Christmas stockings

This is probably the best and worst pic so far.
This is me ,but I have no idea what's going on here.
It's just creepy and unflattering.

The Christmas tree


Getting ready for bed selfie

I feel like it's time for a laptop and the full collection of Encyclopedia Britannica.
 ( You know, the ones they sell on the TV commercial)
Kids these days, they grow up so fast.


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